"Under the lanternís glare the forest presented an array of imagined threats, an opaque army of fiends, silhouettes which danced and swayed menacingly about us as we pushed on through the woodland. The poor light and dense growth combined to present an almost impervious covert tract, which for me proved a most wretched journey; though my brothers moved with unhindered ease."

Carmilla: A Dark Fugue

About David

david brian

Welcome to the website of David Brian, author of horror and dark fantasy. After years of writing short stories for anthologies and collections, Davidís first novel, Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria, was released in January, 2013. Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria is a derivative re-working of J.S. Le Fanu's original novella, and it became a Kindle bestseller reaching #1 in the Amazon U.K. Horror chart. His follow up collection of short stories, The Cthulhu Child, also attained top spot, reaching #1 in several of Amazon's Anthologies and Collections charts. In 2016, the novella, The Boy on the Beach, became David's third Kindle bestseller after reaching #1 on the Amazon UK horror chart.

David was born in the shire county of Northamptonshire, in the heart of England. As a child he was often accused of having a 'weird and disturbed' imagination, but this was a good thing, right?

Unlike a majority of his peers - who tended towards dreams involving superheroes and space roving astronauts, or perhaps even finding themselves stranded alongside pirates on the shores of some far flung desert island, or locked in battle with marauding hordes of Viking invaders - David preferred spending his days mulling over the prospect (and possible perks) of becoming a werewolf or vampire (either would have done). Having so far failed to achieve either of these two goals, he has instead set about crafting stories of haunted places, shape-shifting monsters, and other monstrosities that make real our nightmares by way of interdimensional rifts, genetic manipulation, and via the curse of ancient, tainted bloodlines.

A proud father of four (now thankfully grown) children, David shares his life with partner Karen. They like to spend their downtime visiting Britain's many mysterious and haunted sites, re-watching old horror flicks, and listening to an abundance of varying music styles. In between writing sprints, David can often be found wandering the countryside with Ralph, a super friendly (borderline insane -- certainly 'not the full ticket') Staffordshire Terrier. David is currently hard at work on three novels: The Lord of Always, The Bones of Morden Gray, and one other as yet untitled WIP.

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