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Dark Albion: Eight Slices of Fantasy and Horror: Including The Complete Select Cuts series:

Available in both eBook and paperback formats.

You can order this book from: - [Kindle Edition]

You can order this book from: - [Kindle Edition]

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Kate Stringer is a woman in mourning, her murdered husband the latest victim of the notorious Catholic Jack slayer.
A nationwide manhunt is underway, but the serial killer continues to remain elusive. Now, unknown to her, Kate too has been targeted by the maniac.
However, another force is also in play, something which is only ever glimpsed in the shadows, and with an agenda of its own.
Before the night is through, both predator and prey are destined to learn the intricacies of the Damnation Game.

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Books & Such: Bad Moon On The Rise:

Teri Polen's Books & Such was the place to be during the month of October. The site settled in for 31 days of chills and thrills during the lead up to Halloween. Throughout the month they ran daily features, each focusing on a different genre author. The main event started 10/01/15. Follow the link for Author interviews.


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